Unique Handmade Skin Products


We are happy to announce that Toot Skin Savants 
Kristi and Marci will be featured on the
Oxygen Network TV show "Living Different"  

Tuesday Jan 13th 6PM  PT / 9 PM  ET
You don't want to miss this!



 It's essential to take care of your skin and hair to maintain your
beauty and health.
Our specialized unique skin products will leave you
feeling refreshed. 
Treat yourself to a
luxurious experience; you deserve it! 
Our luscious body polishes, facial therapy and skin serums will moisturize
and scrub away old dead skin
 making your skin 
more luminous and glowing.

We offer a set of unique body polishes made with
natural ingredients and specialized 
couture custom made polishes made just 
for you or your loved one as a special gift. Just fill
out our 
questionnaire and let our experienced skin savants work their magic and create you a one of a kind body polish.

We only use natural, cruelty free ingredients. We specialize in Face and body serums, hair serums, and mineral sea salt body polishes made with 
essential oils and only the finest ingredients to soften, buff and illuminate skin.



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